About Us

We are actors, writers, comedians and makers and we’ve been assembled to entertain you.  Our mission is to provide a completely interactive form of entertainment.  Our vision is 20/20.  Our student loan debt is enormous. 

Donny Klemmer Jr. (written by himself because he hates writing in the 3rd person)

In 2013, while I was an independent contractor for a bar trivia company called Quizzo, The Case of the Dead Paparazzi was created.  The goal was to evolve the old murder mystery for a new generation of consumers who craved more interaction.  The event was supposed to be a one-time offering and featured 24 teams attempting to solve a crime in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan.  From that single event, word-of-mouth eventually enabled me to perform this game in over thirty cities throughout Michigan.  Within three years, The Case of the Dead Paparazzi had taken me to six different states without a marketing budget. 

Now I’ve moved on to a different career path, but I’m still running these games for anyone interested in booking us. I love to facilitate fun and I enjoy seeing people enjoy this game. 


“We  LOVED your actors!” – Tabitha L.