Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can be on a team?

A: One, two, three or four people per team.  The advantage to having more people is more brains. 


Q: What do we need to participate?

A: You’ll need to wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.  You’ll be investigating downtown Savannah outdoors and on foot.

Q: Should I bring my taser?

A: Nope.


Q: How long does this take?

A: You have 2.5 hours to complete the investigation.


Q: Is there time to eat?

A: No.  Please arrive well nourished as we are up against a deadline.


Q: Is there time to drink?

A: Yes.  There is always time to drink. 


Q: Is this game suitable for all ages?

A: No.  This game is designed for adults, but appropriate for teenagers as well. 


Q: Is there running involved?

A: No.  You can complete the investigation at a leisurely pace.


Q: Is this a tour?

A: Nope.  You’ve done the tours.  Now it’s time to play a game. 

Q: Is this like an escape room?

A: Not really.  We’ve been performing these events before escape rooms existed.  But if you like escape rooms, then you’ll love this game.  And we promise not to lock you in a room. 


Q: Are we competing against other teams?

A: Yes.  You will have opponents. 


Q: What can we win?

A: One winning team will be handsomely rewarded with a prize package valued at over five hundred nickels. 


Q: Will we need to download an app?

A: No.  You’ll need to keep your head up and pay close attention to your surroundings during this investigation.  There is nothing virtual about this experience.  It is very real. 


Q: Can we buy tickets at the door?

A: No.  We don’t have a door.  Teams MUST register at least four hours in advance in order to be provided with the briefing location.  We recommend booking your spot well in advance as space is limited. 


Q: Do you do private events?

A: Yes.  We’ve performed this game for Parks & Recreation departments all over Michigan, corporate team building events all over the country, and also for non-profit fundraisers.  Please contact us to discuss your event. 


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: NO REFUNDS on the day of the event.  No exceptions.  Ever. I f you cancel at least 24 hours before the event, we will grudgingly provide a refund. 


Q: What if I absolutely hate this experience and it makes me want to kick a puppy?

A: Click here for assistance.


Q: When is this FAQ section going to be over with?

A: Soon.


Q: Like, right now?

A: Yup.

“What a fun and interactive way to explore the city!” – Courtney O.